Sunday, October 08, 2006

a thousand ways of dying (by bradley micheal albus)

when we kiss, it's electric. A kind of stabbing.
when I think of you, it's hari kari inside
my heart palpates, murmurs.

It's a kind of slow death, torture. Maybe
a gentle crucifiction. Yes, the Japanese really know
how to die,
all this kama kazi jazz
(or maybe Russian Roulette)

My Soul is tying it's rope to your bumper as you idle away.

When you're gone, maybe I'll get chronic flatus
feels like jardia
or maybe systematic organ failure. But how
do you see yourself sexually? How
do you feel when you're the most turned on?

It's kind of sadistic, this falling in love
a thousand ways of dying
possibly becoming an angel or something
maybe being born again, or else
nothing ever having happened.

I can't get these pop rock songs out my head.

I mean, it's all been done before.
Getting trampled by elephants, death by
electrocution, or burning
yourself alive - it's all been done.

prostate, lung, and cancer of the breasts even
nickel and dime sized tumours
old age, drinking lysol liquid plumber maybe
quick, call poison control, I've got
flesh eating bacteria, or maybe a clogged anus. There's
suicide, self inflicted
chainsaw axe murderers depicted malaria
hanta virus, blood poisoning.

This itch, your words
my wounds they stitch
(up, up & the hair)

Falling off rocks, or off
the empire state building, the brooklyn bridge
drive by shooting, just an accident, or
you could die on purpose, too much sex maybe
or lose the will to live.
Tetanus death, a kind of rusty brown - no, lack of sleep
while operating heavy machinery.

A thousand ways of dying; choose one, dream on.

Food poisoning, maybe some arsenic in your milkshake.
Ebola, or like I said systematic
organ failure (already happened)
low blood pressure, high blood pressure.

I mean, it's all over the paper
knife wounds and dehydration
chemical wounds or some white powder in the mail.
You could crash in a train, drowning
or get hit by a car or get hit by a car
on a bicycle or get hit by a car
in a smaller car, it's like everywhere
you look there's
drunk drivers slamming into oncoming traffic, jacknifing
big rigs on gusty highways.

Then, there's getting the shit beat out of you.
Anemic, bullemic, all the starving children in Africa, who
malnourished could die of chronic obesity. Decapitation,
being buried
(still alive)
scooping up organs after traditional Japanese suicide.
It's too much pressure on the brain, kind of cannabalistic,
freezing to death, slipping
on ice maybe
busting a vertebrate.

Whatever you do, don't get squashed by a tractor. Coughing
up blood, tuberculosis bubonic
plague (all been done before) Don't be so lazy
think of something new
osteoporosis blood clot,
bed sores, Africanized bee stings,
Asian bird flu, charged by Rhinos on safari

I mean, it feels like some kind of mass extinction, this global warming, what with
giant meteors from outer space. Say the sun explodes,
you die in your sleep or maybe it's

exocution by the state (official)
carbon monoxide poisoning (boring)
nuclear holocaust (boom)
strapped in the gurney (?)

Kicked in the groin by religious
fundamentalists. I don't care what
they say. When we kiss, it's electric
(a kind of stabbing)
a gentle, slow death torture


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