Friday, October 05, 2007

I Am, a poem by Mike Smith

I Am

I am able to see the sunlight reflecting off of the needles of the pine tree, winking at me

I am hearing the sound of the birds chirping, the rustling of their feathers as they take to flight

I am seeing the rabbit forage for greens on my lawn

I am feeling the warmth of the sun on my face

I am smelling the sweet pungent odor of the damp earth in the wind, letting me know, spring is not far off

I am looking at the snow covered peaks in the distance; their beauty changing majestically with the

movement of the sun

I am hearing the soft swish of fabric as my neighbor walks to her car

I am tasting the oats as they nourish my body

I am hearing the musical sounds of my daughters laughter

I am seeing the impish twinkle in her eyes as she does so

I am feeling the love my son has for me and I for him as we tell each other goodbye on the phone

I am able to see, hear, taste and feel these things and know that they are all connected

I am able to feel love for them all

I am at peace

I thank my Creator for this


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